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LED Lighting

LED Lighting Image
A wide range of pre-wired LEDs and kits to suit all kinds of scale model projects from lighting a smaller scale dolls house to model vehicles and scenics. All can be powered by a 3v battery.

I am happy to offer advice if you're not sure what you need. LEDs are dead easy to use and are far better than the standard filament type bulbs.

- Produce virtually no heat so not a fire risk
- Last up to 100,000 hours so will likely never need to be replaced
- Very bright for their size
- Tiny chip LEDs available - less than 2mm in size!
- Wide range of colours
- Very efficient. Low power consumption
- Can be powered by battery

(Photo shows warm white nano chip LEDs)

I now have a dedicated site for LEDs with even more options. To visit go to:
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