Fine Dolls House Miniatures by JS Miniatures


Scatter Materials

Scatter Materials Image
A range of premium scatters specially chosen for their suitability for 1/48th dolls house gardens and landscaping.

Wide range of scatters including:
- Sand for a beach scene
- Green scatters for foliage and grass
- Foliage materials for creeping plants or trees & bushes
- Coloured scatters for flowers, tree blossom & bushes
- Hard landscaping scatters for tarmac, gravel
Scatter Materials
Moss scatter - 5g bag Image

Moss scatter - 5g bag
Very fine scatter for moss on a roof or paving

Path/Gravel/Tarmac/Earth scatters Image

Path/Gravel/Tarmac/Earth scatters
Bag of scatter for representing hard landscaped areas or soil

Sand Scatter with Shell Pieces Image

Sand Scatter with Shell Pieces
Bag of sand scatter for a miniature beach scene

Tree/Bush Coloured Scatters Image

Tree/Bush Coloured Scatters
Bag of scatter for blossom/bushes/poppy fields

Green Foliage Scatters - Course and Fine Image

Green Foliage Scatters - Course and Fine
Bag of green scatter for miniature trees and bushes

Flower Scatters Image

Flower Scatters
Bag of coloured scatter for making flowers - 10g bag