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3mm Flickering Pre-wired LED

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Small LEDs that are incredibly bright for their size. These are random flickering LEDs. They have a special chip inside so the flicker is random rather than the on/off flash of other flashing LEDs. An amber or red LED would be perfect in a fireplace to create that real fire effect. You can even combine them with solid LED's for a really realistic effect. (See photo of grate)
***Check out our flickering fire kit***

These are provided with a resistor wired in to ensure both the LED and battery last longer. The resistor is usually near the plug end to unsure it doesn't get in the way. For a flickering fire you can use either a CR2032 or 2 x AAA battery kit but if you are using more than 3 LEDs in your circuit you would be best using our 2 x AAA battery kit to ensure nice and bright LEDs and consistent results.

If you wish to mix both solid and flashing LEDs other than in a fire effect, it is best to run them off separate batteries otherwise the solid LEDs may flash slightly.

Also available in a 9 volt and 12 volt option (with resistor wired in). Please select from the drop down menu. If you want to use a lot of LEDs or you will have the lights on for long periods of time it will be cheaper to use a 12 volt supply.

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