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NEW: 1/48th Lighting Kit with Flickering Fire

NEW: 1/48th Lighting Kit with Flickering Fire Image
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A brand new lighting kit containing 6v or 9v nano chip leds with a flickering red nano chip for the fire, for 1/48th scale. Contains all you need to light one house.
The Red LED has a flickering module pre-wired to the kit so the nano LED has a random flicker. This kit does not require a separate battery and there is no carryover flicker to the white LEDs.

You can also now purchase this lighting kit along with a base to hide the battery box and wire! Perfect for adding a little garden too! Bases for lighting kits

Kit contains:
4 x warm white nano chip leds
1 x flickering red chip led
1 x AAA 6v battery box & 4 x batteries
OR 9v battery snap with mini on/off switch (no battery)
Simple 'plug in and go' connector
Full instructions (supplied as a PDF)
Made to order

Photos show warm white & red chip LEDs. The 6v battery box is wider but thinner and will last much longer than a 9v battery so choice is dependant on your available space and how you wish to hide the battery.

NEW: You can now choose the size of kit which will determine the length of wires supplied.
Small Kit - 14-16cm wires:
For small kits and cottage style houses such as Bluebell Cottage up to 16cm high to roof apex
Medium Kit - 20cm wires: For medium sized kits such as Snowdrop Cottage up to 20cm high to roof apex
Large Kit - 25-30cm wires: For large/tall house kits such as Mulberry House or The Railway Inn up to 30cm tall

These chip LEDs come pre-wired with up to 35cm of ultra thin wire and can be tailored to suit your kit.

Other numbers of LEDs are available. Please ask for a custom order.

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