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Seamoss Tree

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Detail Image

Seamoss is a very realistic natural product for making trees in 1/48th scale. Because this is a natural product size and shape will vary. Photo is an example. Branches can be used to make bushes. Can be used as is for a winter tree or used with fine scatters to make a spring, summer tree or autumn tree.

- Individual seamoss tree for 1/48th scale or N/OO/O guage depending on size chosen
- Add scatters to make a tree in leaf or leave natural for a winter tree
- Use branches to make small bushes
- Can be trimmed to shape
- Smaller pieces can be used to make bushes in 1/24th or 1/12th scales.

Photos show a leafed example which has been pre-painted in matt brown and 'leafed' with dark and light green fine scatters.

This product is fragile in its natural form so must be handled carefully but if a branch breaks off it can be glued back on or used to make a bush. Once scatters and hairspray are applied it is quite robust.

How to use:
Can be left natural for a winter tree.
For leafy trees you can add scatter material directly or spray brown first before adding scatter. Because these are a fragile natural material spray mount or similar is recommended rather than PVA glue. Spray with hairspray then hold over a container, upside down and sprinkle dark green scatter over the underside of the branches. Turn over and sprinkle the tops and ends of branches with light green scatter. Brush off scatter from the trunk then spray with spray adhesive. A fine scatter is best.
Leave to dry then spray with artists fixative or hairspray to fix the scatter in place. A second coat of spray glue, scatter and fixative can be added to make a denser foliage.

For spring or fresh growth or blossom, the tips can be dipped in glue to add lighter or coloured scatter.

Fix in place by making a hole in your base and glue in. You can use use airdry clay or milliput to strengthen and thicken the trunk as required.

It will make quite a robust and realistic tree.

Tutorial: Making Trees & Bushes

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