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Tree/Shrub making wire

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A malleable wire for making trees for 1/48th scale or several bushes in 1/24th or 1/12th scales. Simple to use and can be shaped to make a variety of standard tree or bush shapes. Add scatter for a realistic tree.

- 6" length of wire for 1/48th scale or can be cut into several pieces for 1/24th or 1/12th scale
- Add scatters to make a tree in leaf or spray brown for a winter tree
- Cut up into small pieces to make small bushes
- Can be trimmed to shape
- Wire can be shaped to make any style of tree or bush

How to use:
Take the wire and leave 1-1.5" for the trunk then separate out the wire into 4 or 5 pieces with a few wires in each and twist together then separate each of those into 2-3 branches and twist together. Fine branches can be made using 1-2 wires at the tips and offshoots along branches. Bend and shape the branches to make your chosen style of tree.
Can be sprayed with brown spray paint for a winter tree or use air dry clay to cover the wire and add shape and texture.
For leafy trees spray brown first before adding scatter. Dip branches in PVA glue then sprinkle with scatter material.
Leave to dry and spray with artists fixative or hairspray to fix the scatter in place. A second coat of glue, scatter and fixative can be added to make a denser foliage.

For spring or fresh growth or blossom, the tips can be dipped in glue to add lighter or coloured scatter.

Fix in place by making a hole in your base and glue in. You can use use airdry clay or milliput to strengthen and thicken the trunk as required and then paint to make more realistic.

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