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Curved Picket Fence - 1/48th Scale

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Miniature dolls house curved picket fencing for 1/48th scale miniature gardens or scenery. Laser cut from special board it has a natural cream colour with dark brown edges similar to light coloured wood or can be painted any colour you wish.

This wood pulp based board can be dampened and formed round a curve. When dry it will retain the curved shape. Very useful for miniature landscaping!*

- Ideal for 1/48th scale
- Can be dampened and formed into curves
- Easy to paint or can be left natural
- 1" (25mm) high
- 1 x long fence at 250mm long
- 2 x medium fence at 150mm long
- 2 x short fence at 115mm long
- 1 x gate and set of 12 fence posts
- Easy to cut to length, just cut with a craft knife and join with pva glue

*Care should be taken when forming a damp fence to do it gradually so the board doesn't break.

Tutorial: How to make curved fencing

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