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Path/Gravel/Tarmac/Earth scatters

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Premium scatters for representing hard areas or earth/soil in 1/48th scale miniature dolls house gardens or landscaping. Comes in a small bag with enough for one-two projects depending on size of area covered.

Choose from the following:
- Earth/soil scatter, 10g bag
- Granite chips (real stone chips), 100g bag
- Fine Granite gravel scatter for paths (real stone scatter), 100g bag
- Wood chips - fine scatter for natural paths, 10g bag
- Tarmac scatter for paths etc, 15g bag

How to use:
Easy to use, simply spread PVA glue over the area to be landscaped, sprinkle over the scatter and leave to dry then tap off the excess. Can use hairspray or artists fixative to fix the scatter in place. Can repeat the process if there are bare patches.

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